5 Types Of Slimming Tea For Fat Burning And Slimming Belly

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5 Types Of Slimming Tea For Fat Burning And Slimming Belly


Tea was first known in China, the word tea was used in northern India and China, and the same pronunciation was spoken in the Persian language. Tea is one of the favorite Iranian beverages that is enjoyable at any time, but most Iranians do not know the benefits and properties of tea. In this article, we will talk about the types of tea weighing and the direct impact of the use of this tea on the metabolism of people.

What are the benefits of sour tea for the body?

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Green Tea


  • one of the most famous types of slimming tea


Green tea has many health benefits. The properties of green tea are also known for skin and hair. Green tea is one of the best types of slimming tea. Based on some evidence, green tea is effective in weight loss and body fat loss. In a 12-week study in 2008, the effect of green tea on weight loss was tested in 60 obese people. The group was given regular green tea, and the other group received a placebo (an unaffected substance). In the end, the weight loss of those who took green tea was 3.3 kilograms more than those taking a placebo.

In another 12-week study, green tea extract reduced dramatically in body weight, body fat, and reduced waist circumference. Perhaps this effect of green tea extract is due to the presence of an antioxidant called catechin, which naturally increases metabolism and increases fat burning in the body.

These effects are also seen in Macha. Maca is a powdery and condensed form of green tea that shares the same nutrients as ordinary green tea.

  • Black tea

Black tea
Black tea is one of the types of slimming tea that has been done on most of the other types of tea such as green tea, white tea, and oolong tea. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that occurs when tea leaves are exposed to the air and find brown color. The dark color of the black tea is created like this.

Different types of black tea are available. Earring’s tea and English tea are the most famous types of black tea. According to several studies, black tea can be effective in controlling weight. In a study of 111 people, the effect of tea consumption with another beverage with similar caffeine was examined. Daily use of 3 cups of black tea in 3 months resulted in weight loss and reduced waist circumference.

Some researchers believe the potential impact of black tea on slimming is probably due to flavonoids. Flavor is a herbal pigment with antioxidant properties.

In a study of 4280 adults for 14 years, those who consumed more flavones in their foods and drinks found a lower body mass index than others (a statistic for comparing body weight and height).

Although this study only examines the effects of flavon use on the body mass index, more research is still needed to examine the effects of other compounds in black tea.

  • Oolong Tea


Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea is a traditional Chinese slimming tea that is partially oxidized and is interchangeable with green tea and black tea. Most people describe Oolong tea with a delicious flavor and a unique flavor. Of course, this flavor varies greatly depending on the amount of oxidation.

Some studies have shown that Oolong tea can help reduce weight by boosting fat and burning fat. In a study of 102 obese or overweight people, they used Lounge tea for 6 weeks each day. After that, their weight and body fat dropped. Researchers believe that Oolong tea can reduce body fat by increasing fat metabolism in the body.

In a brief overview, the effect of Oolong tea was compared with water. For 3 days, people were given oolong tea or water. The researchers then measured the rate of their metabolism. Oolong tea, as compared with water, could increase the average energy consumption by 2.9% or 281 calories per day.

While more studies are needed to confirm the effect of Oolong Tea, current findings point to its potential for weight loss.

  • White tea

White tea is different from other forms of slimming tea. Because very little work is done on it, and it is taken when the plant is still young. White tea has a distinct taste than other teas. The taste of white tea is mild, sweet and slightly sweet.

The benefits of white tea have been well studied. White tea helps the oral health, and in some intracosmic studies (experiments that cultivate non-living organisms, part of their body, like their tissues in a laboratory environment), they have successfully destroyed cancer cells. Although more studies are still needed, white tea can probably help reduce weight and reduce body fat.

Studies show that white tea catechins are roughly the same as green tea and probably help reduce weight.

In the interstitial study, white tea extract helps to degrade fat cells and, at the same time, prevents the formation of new fat cells. Of course, this is an in-depth study and the potential effects of white tea on humans are still uncertain.

More studies are needed to confirm the effect of white tea on fat burning.

  • Dehumidification

Treats are made from spilling of herbs, spices and other fruits in hot water. Vegetables are different from traditional tea because they are not made from tea leaves and do not have caffeine.

Rhubarbs tea, ginger tea, rose fruit tea and teaspoons, including slimming drops. Although the compounds and formulations of oral contraceptives are very variable, according to studies, designs can help reduce weight and reduce fat.

In a study of the researchers, obese mice were diagnosed and found that these treatments had an effect on weight loss and hormonal regulation.

Rabbace tea is a type of deodorant that has a special effect on fat burning. In an interstitial study, it was observed that Rovian tea boosts the metabolism and prevents the formation of fat cells. However, further studies on humans are needed to confirm the effects of dehydration such as weight loss on weight loss.

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