55 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

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55 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

In this article, the best and most complete list of scientific tips about fast and constant weight loss that goes well with excess weight is coming from you. Stay in touch with us and learn 55 ways to lose weight permanently and quickly.


The Best Tips On Permanent Weight Loss

Weight loss is difficult, but maintaining the ideal weight is more difficult. The proof is that 74 percent of American adults are overweight or overweight, and weight loss has turned into a $ 20 billion industry. However, if you try to become thinner, there is no reason to be disappointed. Many studies have proven the fact that weight loss is not a myth. Take some of these 57 points of lifestyle, sports, and food in your everyday life and watch your permanent weight loss process.

1. Eat a full and large breakfast for constant weight loss

Eat a full and large breakfast for constant weight loss

Yes – Maybe you’ve heard about one million times that you should start your day with a balanced breakfast. However, it is worth repeating this advice over and over again. According to a study conducted at the Royal College of London, rewards centers in the brain involved those who did not take breakfast seriously by watching the images of high-calorie foods, that is, if you could easily go for breakfast, then later more exposed throughout the day The temptation to eat snacks is unhealthy. In addition, a study in 2013 on how much ghrelin secretion, the hunger hormone, is much lower in the body of women who eats a large breakfast than those who eat a little breakfast.

2. Finish the breakfast with a sweet snack

Try to finish your morning meal with a dessert – yes, no wonder. In a study conducted at the University of Tel Aviv’s Medical Center , the participants were divided into two groups: a breakfast group with 304 calories and 10 grams of carbohydrates, while the second group received breakfast with 600 calories and 60 grams of carbohydrates, which included cookies A small one like chocolate, donuts, biscuits or cakes. Up to half the way of this 8-month study, each member of both groups was leveled at an average of about 15 kg.

Although in the end, the weight of the low-carbohydrate group returned about 10 kilograms, while the group that consumed 60 grams of carbohydrate per day absorbed about 7 kilograms more. According to researchers, those who ate desserts at the end of their breakfast fell less hungry and craved, and could easily have finished their day by consuming the least calories they needed.

3. Take 30 grams of fiber daily for permanent weight loss

Try to increase your fiber intake – the result of this method is exactly how well a strict diet is going to be. During a study at the American Heart Association, a group of participants was forced to follow a strict and tight diet with a controlled intake of nutrients and restrictions on the consumption of calories, sugars, and saturated fat, while for the other group only one target was determined. It took 30 grams of fiber per day. At the end of the 30-month study, the weight of the members of both groups decreased and their health status improved, and as a result, it was easy to reduce weight gain with increasing fiber intake.

4. Stop using any type of drink except water, tea, or coffee

Sparkling drinks and juices are essentially sweet liquids: they contain over 18 teaspoons of sugar, and each serving of half a liter of them contains more than 240 calories; and worse, they do not have a particular nutritional value. Specialists consider carbonated beverages one of the most important causes of overweight obesity. Also, those who drink diet drinks are not immune to these dangers. A study from the OBESITY magazine (Obesity) found that people who drink dietary juices are more likely to be exposed to high levels of fat in their abdomen than others. Researchers believe dieters consume too much of their diet with less calorie intake.

5. For constant weight loss, keep your freezer full of vegetables

Fresh and seasoned vegetables bring you the highest amount of nutrients, but frozen vegetables are not one of them. These vegetables are quickly collected and frozen quickly after they are completely prepared, and with this, many of the nutrients are completely preserved. Maintaining vegetables in the freezer makes it easy for you to eat these very healthy foods even from the pizza phone order.

6. Reduce meat consumption

According to a 2013 study published in the American Journal of Nutrition and Diet, vegetarians are generally slimmer and healthier than carnivores. Although vegetarianism may not be possible for you, it is one of the ways to reduce the impact of the fecundity of foods, using plant proteins instead of some meats. For example, each serving of black beans consumes 15 grams of protein; as well, fungi have a strong Umami taste and can replace half of the red meat used in most foods.

7.Find dairy products for permanent weight loss

Dairy-rich diets are full of calcium and vitamin D; these nutrients help strengthen muscles in the body – and thus, increase metabolism. In addition, calcitriol hormone helps calcium storage and bones, and at the same time it causes less fat cells to become sugar; moreover, it also burns more fats.

8. Increase your protein intake (do not overdo it)

Women need about 46 grams of protein per day (men, 56 grams); and if you want to control your weight, it ‘s important to have this protein supply. Depending on the fat or the carbohydrates, your body needs more time and energy to digest the protein, so you feel more satiated and also burn more calories during the process of absorbing these nutrients. Of course, with all this, you should not overestimate the amount of protein – in this case, the excess protein in your body is stored in the form of fat.

9. Drink bitter bitterness for permanent weight loss

Drink bitter bitterness for permanent weight loss


You will not only stay awake in the morning because according to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, drinking a cup of coffee can speed up your metabolism by up to 12% for 3 hours for 3 hours.

Of course, again, never drink too much coffee – experts do not recommend that average women consume more than 3 cups of coffee a day.


10. Put pistachios in your snacks list



Snails, openings or breakdowns – like pistachios – reduce the speed of your eating, and in general, they can reduce your amount of food too. In addition, a serving of 28 grams of pistachio contains 6 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber and only 159 calories.

11. At each meal, use unsaturated fat

Another fear of all types of fats belongs to the past. In fact, unsaturated fatty acids not only do not overeat but also help lose weight. The researchers asked a group of women to go on a diet of 1,600 calories rich in unsaturated fats; these participants lost just one-fourth of their abdominal fat in just four weeks. Pour a piece of nuts on your salad, add one tablespoon of olive oil to your steamed vegetables, or drink with avocado nourishing breakfast.

12. Be careful about your excess sugar consumption

Your blood glucose is likely to be higher than you think. An average person consumes 22 teaspoons of sugar or sugar daily – more than three times the amount recommended by the American Heart Association. This white poison is usually added to many foods that do not even have a sweet taste, such as bread, flavors, and sauces. Carefully read the label on foods: All the ingredients, along with the amount of each of them, are written on the product label; therefore, if the sugar in each food is a bit high, it is advisable to return it to the shelf.

13. Always have a tin of tuna in your home


This food that is found in the kitchen and the storage of every home is a dream come true for anyone who seeks to follow dietary décor. A serving of 85 grams of tuna contains 25 grams of protein, which makes you feel hungry later, while at the same time it only feeds 157 calories. You can make them richer by adding canned tuna to your salad or pasta or bring it along with a few crackers to keep you well fed up with your next meal.

14. Never stop spinach

Spinach and other vegetables that have dark leaves are rich in magnesium; magnesium plays a role in regulating more than 300 body functions. A 2013 study found that people taking more magnesium have lower levels of blood sugar and insulin, and this plays an important role in proportion to their weight.

15. Eat every week fish for permanent weight loss

Eat every week fish for permanent weight loss

Omega-3 fatty acids in Salmon, Ton, Herring, and other fish can increase the ability to burn fat in your body. These fats, which are very useful for the heart, balance the blood sugar and reduce inflammation in the body, thus helping to regulate metabolism.

16. Live a soup before eating a sandwich

According to a 2007 study published in the optician magazine, people who eat soups before lunch can reduce their total calorie intake by 20 percent. Soup is not mentioned in this study – Generally, any soup can lead to fewer calories. However, the best option for you is a watery soup filled with vegetables that bring more fiber to your body. For example, you can drink spinach chicken noodle soup.

17. Take the protein and fruits together

Apples, Bananas, Strawberries, etc. – All of these are very good for your body and your waist. But if you want to use these foods for you to light the light of light, keep them with a little protein to achieve more satisfying results. One ounce of apples and one cup of nonfat milk is one of the easiest options to get 10 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, and 200 calories into your body. Also, half an avocados with about 56 grams of cottage cheese is another 200-calorie fruit-dairy compound that brings 9 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber to your body.

18. Change the whole wheat bread to white bread

In general, it’s best to replace all processed cereal foods with whole grains. People who consume more whole grains than those who have processed cereals are more successful in maintaining their fitness. In one study, women who had a diet containing more than wheat germ, brown rice, dark bread, and corn kept up 49 percent less likely to be overweight than others.

19. Forget about your gluten

Nearly 30 percent of American adults, in their own words, are trying to avoid gluten – but there is not really any worry about it apart from having celiac disease. In fact, removing all types of gluten-containing foods (such as wheat, barley, and rye ) from your diet does not necessarily help reduce your weight. Wherever you go, there are gluten-free snacks and unhealthy foods, and a piece of gluten-free cake or pizza is as harmful to your health and weight as ordinary cakes or pizza.

20. Learn how sugar gets hidden and subtle in your body

Always and in the label of all products there is no explicit name for sugar, but this does not mean that there is no sugar in these sweet foods. Highly fructose corn syrup, reverse glucose, molasses, sucrose (or any word that ends with z or use), brown rice syrup, honey, and saphenous maple trees are all just part of the aliases of sugar.

21. Do not depend on processed foods

Preparing and making food from the beginning is really a time-consuming task. That’s right, but dependence and reliance on frozen foods and other food products will not help your health and fitness in the long run. Research has just found that the metabolism of healthy and complete foods in our bodies burns up to 50% more than processed foods. Therefore, you can reduce your calories not only in the preparation and cooking process but also increase the metabolism of your body.

22. Sharpen your food for permanent weight loss

According to a study published in Physiology and Behavior Magazine, capsaicin, a combination of spicy peppers that makes them dandruff, can boost your body metabolism. According to researchers, the capsaicin sympathetic nervous system activates, and this activity affects the metabolism so that more than 4 hours after taking food to take.

23. Rake your packed snacks for yourself

You should avoid the use of packaging snacks – in colorful boxes or bags – to a great extent. Whenever you are tempted to eat such foods, instead of having the whole package warm, just set your own snacks for yourself. Researchers from the University of Cornell have found that those who do not determine any visible sign of unhealthy eating for themselves can eat up to 50% more chips than others.

24. Exercise and make it a fun and entertaining experience

If you look at a physical activity like a task, you will lose your tendency to do it – and therefore you may prefer eating it. During a study in 2014 at Cornell University, the researchers took two groups of participants on their own with a quick walk; they saw this quick walk for half the participants as a physical activity, and for the other half as a kind of stroll and seeing the scenery. They made After this walk, the first group consumed 35% more chocolate than the second group.

25. Be an athlete for permanent weight loss



Physical activity in the early morning burns your metabolism and helps you burn more calories to the end of the day. In fact, according to researchers at the Appalachian University of the United States, if you have 45 minutes of exercise early in the morning, you burn a burning fire that burns 190 calories in your body by the end of the day. Try to use the most basic moves in the play, such as butterfly, scooter, and swim.

26. Do high-intensity exercise exercises

It does not require hours of exercise and physical activity to achieve better fitness results. In HIIT exercises there is a period of intense explosive activity along with short rest periods, and according to researchers, this type of physical activity in the fat burning process is much more effective than the long-term activity that has a steady rate. Try this 10-minute sports experience.

27. Include a pre-dinner exercise in your schedule

If you are always hungry after the end of the class bike (Spinning) class, choose an hour just before your usual dinner time. In this way, you can compensate for the lost power instead of consuming snacks (and calories), which you already included in your schedule.

28. Exercise for constant weight loss with one of your friends

It’s always possible to never sound a bell and sleep, and just miss a morning exercise session. Try not to exercise alone, and plan your exercise sessions with a friend. When you know that someone is waiting for you, the chances of you cancel your training session.

29. Be realistic about your calorie intake

Perhaps after an intense physical activity, you may feel a little bit overwhelmed by your diet and have fun. Unfortunately, if you select incorrect food choices after the sporting sessions, it’s easy to blow up the achievements of a heavy-duty watch in just minutes. A modest woman burns about 550 calories in a one-hour sports session. With a smoothie, a cake, or a large ice cream cup full of ingredients, more than half of these calories are back in your body.

30. Exercise for permanent outdoor weight loss

The only way to make physical activities more effective is through sustainability. Exercise outdoors can make your mind and mind more engaged in the outdoors, according to a 2011 study published in the Journal of Environmental Science and Technology ( U.S.). Needless to say, outdoor exercise can increase energy and improve the condition. Wellness can be.

31. Do not be afraid to go to gyms

Yes, you can weigh and worry about the volume of bringing and losing your body. Weight lifting can continue to metabolize a few days after it-that is, until a few days after you go to a gym, your body continues to burn calories. Based on research findings, exercising for 30 to 40 minutes, twice a week, for 4 months can increase the metabolism of an average woman to 100 calories a day at rest.

32. Exercise your favorite songs

The people who listen to the sport are more energetic than others. Why? Listening to the song with a loud sound makes your stomach less thirsty, and allows you to take more physical activity (and burn more fats).

33. Make a home gym for yourself to lose weight permanently

“It’s very busy for my club today.” How many times have you said this to yourself? Stop wiping out and set up a small home gym for yourself. With just a few pieces of cheap sports equipment, you can do great home-fitness activities. In the video, Kristen McGee, a fitness specialist, shows you the basic fitness equipment that you can buy at a great price.

34. Cash to buy food

When you buy your bank cards, you are psychologically aware of only the amount of money that has left your bank card – that is, in fact, you do not see the amount of real money that goes out of your money. A lack of real understanding of spending money may lead to the purchase of unhealthy and high-calorie foods, despite additional costs (whether financial or health), according to a study in the consumer research journal. Researchers believe bank cards increase the likelihood of shaking purchases (sudden and unplanned).

35. Do not rest after your physical activity

Not just because you have exercised this morning, park your car closer to the office than ever, or use the elevator instead of the stairs. French researchers have found that fattening teenagers are relieving their fatigue by reducing their number of other daily activities. Similarly, another study, which was conducted on older people, showed that participants who did not exercise after physical activity at other hours of the day could not increase their total calorie intake.

36. For permanent weight loss, write down everything you eat

If you know that you should write a handful of chocolates fast and fast after eating, do you ever overestimate them? According to researchers, it’s likely that you will be able to take extra energy – writing anything in your mouth can lower your responsibilities and reduce your calorie intake. Extensive research on this issue has shown that doing daily notes of whatever they eat and drinks have led to a doubling of participants’ weight loss.

37. Avoid Instagram and Pinterest

The Instagram and Pinterest are full of glamorous and tempting images of delicious desserts, fatty and red macaroni, and instructions for cooking with a variety of cheeses that will make your diet crumbly if your sweet dream comes to your mind. Studies by the University of Southern California have shown that viewing high-calorie food images more than watching low-calorie foods can trigger our brain rewards centers-that is, you’re tempted to eat more high-fat foods in the next meal.

38. Keep Strewn out of control for permanent weight loss

Stress always lowers your quality of life, and your weight and fitness may also be a victim of this condition. According to scientific research, a stress hormone, cortisol, makes you feel hungry, makes you feel unwell, and increase your abdominal fat. A study from the Ohio State University also found that stress could reduce the amount of fat burning in your body.

39. When it comes to food, it’s just a matter of eating

Breakfast with a cell phone, lunch at the desk, and dinner in front of the TV. According to research findings from the Cornell University Food and Brand Labs, if you find out about how much calories your body needs to eat when eating, you will be surprised. Watching TV or answering messages distracts you from the way and amount of food, and makes it hard to notice the messages of your body that you are getting tired of.

40. Exercise activities outside of your physical activity

Whenever you move, you use your muscles, and you sweat is doing physical activity. That means things, like collecting leaves, running with your child in the yard, or playing volleyball entertainment with friends, can all burn your calories.

41. Give priority to sleep

Denying you sleep will put you at the forefront of many problems, such as increasing the risk of depression, type 2 diabetes, and stress. Of course, enough sleep has a great benefit: it helps you get a healthy weight. A study from the University of Chicago showed that in a single diet, those who had had enough rest had lost more fat than those who were deprived of sleep.

42. Pleasure your food calmly and bored

Fast eating is a way to gain weight. A study of over 3,000 participants found that people who ate fast could get up to 84% higher than those who slowly fed their foods. Cynthia Sass, a senior public health specialist, dietary specialist, and nutrition editor at Helth, recommends putting a spoon or fork on the plate while digging, and after eating the whole thing in your mouth, and breathing a little before eating the next mouthful…

43. Get your head up on your cell phone games

Maybe your addiction to Kennedy Crash will work for your body. According to a study published in the Optician magazine, playing video games may reduce eating habits, and can also reduce the intensity of whims. So, next time you endure the temptation to eat a chip package that is losing your patience, pick up your phone and play around to thwart your anxiety and eating temptation.

44. Always have an apple on your desk

Perhaps you see your co-worker brought a large squash of cucumber, sitting on one of the office tables and eating. But according to research conducted at the University of Saint-Bennock, in New York’s Apostasy, if you always have healthy snacks on your desk, you never get up to get your share of that cake. The study, published in the Optician Magazine, showed that even when people feel guilty about having an unhealthy diet, they usually choose something that is closest to them all.

45. Draw your food directly on the stove

Instead of putting your food on disks or other dishes and placing them on a dining table, it’s best to drain your food directly from the pan or frying pan on the stove. According to a study that was conducted in 2010, when you have to go back to the pot for food, you can eat about 20% less.

46. Change the arrangement of dishes in your kitchen cabinets

According to research results, people are eating less food than a plate. Place dishes in cabinets so that small dishes are readily available, and large dishes are placed on higher floors.

47. Lower your home’s temperature for permanent weight loss


Keeping a little cool in the winter is not just a matter of saving energy and spending. According to research published in the Journal of Diabetes, cold weather can increase up to 40% of brown fat in your body. Brown fat burns your calories to help keep your body warm.

48. Chew gum for permanent weight loss

It looks strange but true. In a study at Rhode Island, people who were chewing gum burned calories 8% more than those who did not chew. Researchers also found that chewing up chewing gum would cause you to eat fewer calories a day.

49. Set up your body to activate your body

Instead of sitting the entire day behind the office desk, you can probably do better. Usually, you sit for hours on the chair, and only when you get up to have a rest; instead, it’s best to set your phone’s alarm to go up one bit every 30 minutes. According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, this can increase up to 13% of your metabolism.

50. Close belts for permanent weight loss

Surely wearing a leg is more comfortable than pants, and even today you can go to work with them. But the problem here is that lumbar cushions of this type of clothing will put you at risk of overeating. At least, if you want to wear yoga pants all day, it’s best to wear it with a belt toner. When eating a belt, you can stop for a moment, and drink more slowly and less of your food.

51. Eat a stress-free environment

If you pay attention to a piece of unpaid bills on your desk while you are eating, or a list of things to do at the end of the day, sticking to the refrigerator and constantly standing in front of your eyes, there will be situations that make you eat more. According to a study published in the Journal of Psychological Reports, when people are eating in a quiet and relaxed environment, they eat about 18 percent less than an anxious stimulant.

52. Pick up your dishes smartly for permanent weight loss

When it comes to weight loss, it may seem that the color of the plate is the last thing you can think of, but in fact, according to a study by the University of Cornell in 2012, this can play a huge and amazing role in your food volume. Slowly The researchers found that when the color of the food and the plate had less contrast (eg, pasta with red sauce on a plate in red), it may be up to 22% higher than the contrast between the food and the plate (contrast) (E.g. pasta with red sauce and white plate), eat more.

53. Drink a glass of cool water before each meal

Drink a glass of water before eating. Even a small amount of feelings of dehydration and thirst can cause you to crave sugar, especially if you have been exercising before. It’s even better to put a few pieces of ice in your glass: German researchers found that drinking about half a liter of cool water would increase your body’s body temperature by about 30% an hour later. If you’re still hungry after drinking water, eat your food, eat it!

54. Use a fitness tracker

Has it ever happened to you to close the end of a sporting session, but did not even drop a sweat drop? Instantaneous and instant feedback from the fitness tracker that you can do it like an hour gives you heart rate or calories burned, and this can motivate you to do more.

55. Check for permanent weight loss

As you always eat healthy foods, you have a good diet, and you have regular physical activity, and you’re still not able to reduce your weight, take a look at your medications. Many drugs have side effects; weight gain may be one of the side effects of drugs such as certain antidepressants, diabetes, and antihypertensive drugs.



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